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For the LOVE of Coaching

When I first brought Life Coaching into my personal training business I was asked what my packages delivered.  Well, it was exactly what I believed in and exactly what I woke up every day lit up to achieve in my own life as well as in my clients.  FIT for the business of LIFE was born.  

Helping women become Fit for the business of Life, in their bodies (that is important) but also in their mindset and how they think about themselves in their lives.

My mission and give to my clients is to serve the purpose that I felt Life Coaching chose me.  In 2009 my world as I knew it, my 10 year marriage, my thriving exercise business and mother of two small children was thrown upside down in a divorce.  


The divorce was out of nowhere….for me.

To this day I consistently pride myself off of CHOOSING to make my divorce the best thing that ever happened me, not the worst.

With that I set out to reclaim my life after divorce.

I went thru the journey confronting and working through one thing at a time.  These phases, unbeknownst to me at the time, were chosen and what got me thru.  I want to share these with you.

Phase 1:

My first phase was getting things right with my Body

Phase 2

My 2nd phase was getting things right with my Soul

Phase 3

My 3rd phase was getting stronger with my Boundaries 

Phase 4

My 4th phase was getting stronger with my Finances

Phase 5

My 5th phase was getting stronger with my belief and dreams of my Future





 Meredith Mills 

Meredith Mills 




"Meredith's personal approach to training has been an amazing experience for me and my health. I have tried many programs, coaches and "diets" without success. Meredith has been able to dissect my personal situation and provide valuable information on how I can personally live my healthiest life. Thank you Meredith!"   --- R.Hurst

"Meredith is an amazing coach and trainer. She integrates her experience as a coach, athlete, business owner, mom and human to create winning strategies for her clients. She uses data, science and inspiration in equal measures to create a personalized course of action and gives support all along the way. I highly recommend her."

--- A.McPherson

"Definitely would love to recommend Meredith.
A great business coach as well as very accomplished women.  If you need to be guided but some one- choice the best.  I did and got the best advice." --- R. April

"Meredith is one of the most inspirational people I know. Before meeting her I used to occasionally exercise and take walks but after meeting her I was working out everyday and with in 3 months I was running my very 1st 10k! Before I met her I couldn't even jog around the block. She made me believe in myself and strive to lead a healthy life with healthy goals. I highly recommend Meredith to help you with any fitness goal you want to achieve." --- K. Beede


Meredith is a Fitness, Health, Business & Life Coach who specializes in coaching techniques and tools that inspire clients to use nutrition, movement and mindset to heal their bodies. Meredith's coaching style is based on the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection to optimal Health and Well being. After 20 years as a competitive cyclist and triathlete Meredith was sidelined with a brain tumor in 2015. Meredith now integrates everything she studied and practiced as a competitive athlete (goal and performance focus), 10 years working with private and group clients as a Personal Trainer (weight loss focus) and 2 years as a Brain Tumor Warrior (AN) (nutrition, meditation and mindset focus) into her coaching programs and workshops.